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The make up of the 2018/19 syllabus has now been agreed and will be published shortley.




Ann Riddell - secretary

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After the enjoyment of our Scot’s night and good fun organised by Shonaid on the 23rd January 2018, we then had a talk from SDS Options, Fife, on the 20th February.   Our coffee evening, entertainment by Civil Folk Group, who gave themselves this name because they are, or were made up of  Civil Servants and Civil Engineers, was held on the 20th March.  Thanks to those who attended and made it such a lovely evening, especially joining in with the Music Man.


On the 3rd of April we met to arrange the Spring tea and this was well attended by most of our members.  The next meeting was our AGM, held on 17th April and again we had a good turnout.  Shonaid was again voted on as president/co-ordinator, Ann as Secretary & Wilma as Treasurer.  Shirley again agreed to liaise with our twin Guild Chalmers Memorial from Port Seton and Chris to carry on  being the Projects Co-ordinator.  Mary chaired the business part of our AGM and we are very fortunate to have her play the piano for us, to which she has done for many years.  Shirley does a great job of organising our Christmas outing but as she is going on holiday before it is due, she will not be able to do it this year.  She does an excellent job and as I have agreed to take it on this year, I shall just have to mimic what Shirley has done for so long and so well, but hopefully she will keep me right.  Margaret Smith does a fine job helping Shonaid give out the refreshments each month and has agreed to do this again. 


The Spring Tea on the 28th April was wonderful and the turn-out was amazing.  The entertainment was great, being Roy McArthur & Friends and their singing and playing the piano, and Eddy also on the accordion was just what the doctor ordered.  Roy ended up with singing “Bring Him Home” to everyone’s delight.  Heather’s “Wee Cock Sparra” went down a treat and Shonaid’s recitations were brilliant as usual.  The cheery visitor at the hospital poem was hilarious.  The Guild ladies all contributed to this special afternoon, including Evelyn, who joined the guild when she & Charles first came here.  It was nice that Charles opened the Spring Tea afternoon and said the grace.  


We had our outing with Chalmers Memorial Guild on Thursday 3rd May and again Shirley organised this for us.  We had a talk on how the fishwives from Newhaven and Port Seton to Musselburgh worked so hard and the lady dressed up in the fishwives outfits and told us about them.  We had a lovely buffet meal and a short service to end a lovely day with our friends.    We then finish off our 2017/2018 syllabus with a meeting on the 15th May to make up the syllabus for 2018/2019. 

We have yet to choose two new projects to sponsor this year as the two we have been giving to, are at the end of their three years.  Chris will let us know at our final meeting how much each project received for the past three years.


We have much to thank for our Guild, and why it works so well, is that everyone does their part and

that includes all our members.  Shonaid is an excellent president and provides the goodies on a Tuesday evening also.  Wilma is a great treasurer and keeps our books in perfect order.  Please come and join us as we would love to have you and you will be made most welcome.


Ann Riddell (Secretary)





The coffee morning/Hobbies Group at Carnock is still going strong.  We have had as many as 17 attending on a Monday morning from 10.30 am ‘till 12 noon and it is lovely to see it going so well.  Ann Millar, Anna our treasurer & I take turns in making the coffee/tea each week and we thoroughly enjoy the fun and fellowship we have together.  Please come along, you would be made most welcome and am sure you will love the biscuits Anna purchases for us.        


Ann Riddell (Secretary)


On Saturday 29th April 2017 the Carnock and Oakley Guild hosted a very well attended daffodil tea for the less able and older generation of the Parish. Entertainment was provided by a group of the Kingdom Singers.


On Thursday 4th May the Guild hosted the Port Seaton Guild to a light lunch at Oakley Church. This is an annual well supported occasion for both Guilds.